The Mission Behind Agostino Athletics

One site that truly breaks my heart is seeing kids stuck on the bench or sideline because of an injury . Imagine getting hurt doing something that you love, and then having to miss significant time practicing and playing due to that same injury... Now imagine missing even more time because the injury was mismanaged, or you were told that simply resting for a couple of weeks would be enough, only to find that when you return, you are slower, weaker, and less explosive than before the injury.
Agostino Athletics was created to help these young athletes effectively manage their injuries so they can miss as little time as possible and so that they can be even stronger, faster, and more explosive upon returning. It was created so that young athletes and their parents can have a better understanding of an injury and know exactly what it will take to recover and return to dominating on the field. Clarity! Something that often seems to be missing following a sports injury.
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